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General Details

Increase your breath function in a simple and effective way, regenerate your lungs for example after long illness, with deficient fitness or if you have given up smoking. Even if you sing or play wind instruments a skilful breath guidance plays an important role. By purposeful, simple training of lung function with the lung coach SMILE the lung is completely (to the deepest lung regions) withoxygen supplied; the blood circulation is increased and the existent lung volume is reactivated. The alveoli store more oxygen, your cardiovascular system is supported. The mucus, which collects in the lower lung region, is more easily coughed up. The increased oxygen will be through the lungs directly into the bloodstream conveyed – muscles and brain will receive more oxygen – your physical efficiency and wellness will be increased.

Techical Info
  • Manual,volume-oriented lung coach
  • Volume announcementto 000 ml
  • Inspiratorybreathing exercises
  • Lung coachSMILE is free from latex and epoxy resin!

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